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> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 7 – May 2018
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 6 – November 2017
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 5 – May 2017
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 4 – October 2016
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 3 – April 2016
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 2 – October 2015
> Download a preview of Immigration Law Review Vol 1 – June 2015

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Submit an article to Immigration Law Review

If you are interested in writing about Australian immigration, humanitarian residence or citizenship law, please consider submitting your work for publication with Immigration Law Review. We are looking for articles demonstrating detailed knowledge and comprehensive analysis of contemporary developments and issues in these areas of law. In particular, our focus is upon legal analysis that assists legal practitioners to maintain and develop their understanding of the law.

Immigration Law Review strives to contribute to understanding and evaluation of Australian immigration, humanitarian residence and citizenship law. Articles submitted should advance this goal through at least one of the following means:

• In-depth analysis of caselaw and trends in judicial review.
• Detailed examination of current legislation and legislative amendment.
• The influence/contribution of immigration/citizenship law upon other areas of Australian administrative law.
• Contextual understanding of the law.
• Socio-political issues impacting upon the development of the law and its administration.
• Comparative analysis of Australian law with other jurisdictions.

The decision as to whether or not an article is published is entirely at the discretion of the editors of Immigration Law Review. Decisions will be based upon a number of different matters, including, but not limited to, the currency of the material, whether the material is already covered in Immigration Law Review and capacity constraints.

We suggest that you discuss with us an idea that you have for an article in advance so that we can share with you our view as to whether it may be potentially suitable for publication in Immigration Law Review.

All work submitted must be original work authored by you and you must wholly own all copyright in the work. Material not created solely by you must be properly attributed.

Contact us to submit your article for publication in ILR.